Our Teas

Our teas
Tea Benefits
All our teas are organic, carefully sourced from renowned organic tea estates, quality tested by specialists and packaged in our signature handcrafted biodegradable and compostable pouches. Putting this extra care towards planting, growing and distribution results in the highest quality product with minimised waste and pollution. This helps to enforce sustainability and support long term ecological balance while allowing us to enjoy delightful teas!

Tea benefits depend on tea growing, harvesting and processing style which can include roasting, steaming and pan-frying. Among major types tea enthusiasts can find black (fully fermented), oolong (semi fermented), green (non fermented, or minimally fermented) and white totally unfermented tea. These tea types differ in how tea is produced and influences tea taste and appearance which depends on processes of drying and fermentation that determines its chemical composition. The latter may enhance a variety of health benefits starting from mind alertness, reducing stress, managing weight, treating digestive problems and preventing nausea. Teas are excellent detoxifiers and as some research suggest certain tea types may improve skin conditions such as eczema, may prevent cancer and control diabetes .

Have a browse through our teas to find if they may help your health condition, or just simply indulge in the great organic taste!