Eco Packaging
Eco Packaging
We collaborate only with the suppliers who believe in sustainable sources and therefore do not use chemicals, avoid artificial pesticides, fertilisers and GMO (genetically modified organisms) in the production process. This way you can be sure to enjoy healthy teas in healthy packaging. Our reusable pouches are designed to keep your teas fresh. If you purchased small pouches, once you remove the top seal just roll the paper and clip the edges, our bigger pouches are heat sealable, after you open them just seal the zip lock to make sure your teas stays tasty even longer!



Our label designs are based on real watercolour paintings inspired by tea and the wonderful surrounding of the County Down region, Northern Ireland. They are printed on an exclusive range of biodegradable labels compliant with the European Industrial Compostable Standard (EN13432). The standard contains a mandatory threshold of at least 90 percent biodegradation that must be reached in less than 6 months as opposed to hundreds of years. This way you buy tasty & healthy products in eco friendly packaging.

Please follow the guidance on how to recycle, or compost used pouches. This way you will be sure to convey an environmentally friendly approach focused on sustainability and minimising the impact on the environment.