Herbal Trio Bundle


You can’t go wrong with this bundle.
An ideal combination of herbal, organic certified, naturally caffeine free and wonderfully flavoured teas!


•Blonde Juju Camomile Blossoms

Our organic Blonde Juju offers sweet but delicate flavour of whole Camomile blossoms with honey-like sweetness in the cup. Once the flower heads are picked, they are kept whole and slowly dried to ensure the best possible flavour. Contains antioxidants such as apigenin and flavones.


•Herbal Infusion

Our favourite herbal infusion. This beverage is naturally caffeine free and packed with healthy organic ingredients, you simply can’t go wrong! Rosemary and Thyme bring minty and lemon undertones, slightly earthy with a delicate spice. We hope you enjoy this beautiful blend as much as we do!


•Green Mint Spearmint

Our organic Spearmint is subtle, refreshing with a sweet aftertaste. As it contains less menthol than peppermint it delivers a more delicate flavour. Spearmint is naturally caffeine free.

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