Green Haven

Organic Sencha Tea


Our organic tea is a premium grade 1 sencha with a refreshing aroma and mellow flavour.

Sencha leaves are exposed to an abundance of  direct sunlight and this results in high levels of Vitamin C and tannins. The high tannin content give sencha its characteristic flavour. The sencha leaves are harvested and steamed to prevent oxidation. Leaves are then dried and go through several stages of rolling. You can see from our tea pic they resemble finely twisted paper and concealed inside the twisted leaves is the essence of the tea’s natural flavour. Contains caffeine


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Brewing Amount
1-2 Spoons
Brewing Time
Brewing Temp
Country of Origin
Organic Sencha Grade 1 Dao Ren Feng
Health Benefits
Boosts metabolism, energy and immune system, increases cognitive functions, may reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure

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200g, 80g


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