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One of our favourites at Arata Leaf, a luxury Oolong. This exquisite tea has a rich, complex flavour with a delicate sweet nectar. The superior grade of this tea comes from the Fujian province in China. Its leaves are hand rolled into uneven balls which like to gently unfurl while steeped releasing magnificent flavour. Oolong tea has a very short oxidation process and it is slowly baked which improves the colour and aroma. High in antioxidants that may prevent heart disease and high in polyphenols that act as a barrier in absorbing cholesterol.



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Brewing Amount
1-2 Spoons
Brewing Time
Brewing Temp
Country of Origin
Organic Oolong Tie Guan Yin
Health Benefits
Increases alertness and cognitive functions, helps in weight loss. May help to control diabetes & prevent cancer. Be aware that Oolong contains caffeine and could have side effects

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200g, 80g

1 review for Lure Oolong

  1. Jana (verified owner)

    New to oolong tea, bought it on friend’s recommendation and was very pleased with the choice. It has an amazing flavour unlike any other tea I have tried and little goes a long way with this one

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